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Career Masterclass Video - Careers in Business & Finance

Career Masterclass Video - Careers in Business & Finance

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Parents of future business tycoons and financial stars. This one's for you!

Is your teen considering a career in the business field but feeling overwhelmed by the variety of degree options? I'll break it down for you in this video.

When it comes to selecting a degree program, you may come across terms like "Commerce" or "Economic and Management Science" at different universities.

The specific courses you will take largely depend on the career path you wish to pursue. A Bachelor of Commerce or Business Science degree can equip you with valuable commercial skills and specialist knowledge that can be applied across a wide range of industries.

I'll share some career specific information about:

- Accounting  

- Actuarial Science

- Investment Management

- Data Analytics

- International Business

- Information Systems

- Property Studies

- Economics

- Marketing

- Logistics or Supply Chain

In addition, we'll talk about:

→ Current and future trends

→ Qualification options in South Africa

→ Earning power


Running time - 30:49 min

Download size - 540 MB

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