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Experienced recruiter and certified Morrisby Assessment Practitioner Janet Labberté matches careers to aptitudes and interests to convey a deep understanding of each field in an informal, one-on-one, relaxed environment.

Career Avenues services are aimed at Grade 9-12 high school students and young adults, offering Career Guidance in South Africa. We assist the high school student in locating the career that matches their interests and young adults navigating the workplace after graduating, including mock interview preparation.

Janet's Profile

Career GUIDANCE Counsellor

Hi there. I am Janet Labberté, owner of Career Avenues.

I was previously the Managing Partner of Executive Headlines, a boutique headhunting firm with a track record of placement of executives across the board in a wide range of industries.  My career spans more than two decades during which time I’ve had extensive exposure to the management of millennials and the placement of most professional titles.  

I’m a mother of 2 sons currently at Stellenbosch University and I provide career counselling to other parents whose kids (usually Grade 9-12) need guidance in making important career decisions.

I’m also a freelance digital marketer and blog writer!

University of the Witwatersrand

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Law / English 1986 - 1989

Janet Labberte of Career Avenues

Career Avenues - Testimonials

I am a mom of a matric 2021 boy! What drew me to Janet’s profile, was her HEART and PASSION for career guidance and her background of running her own headhunting firms......guiding our kids, having the knowledge of the ACTUAL jobs available, as a major part of her background.

Her response time to messages is very FAST, just the way I like it. My son filled out an online assessment (took him an hour) and we received Janet's summary the very next day. He then did an hour Zoom call with her, exploring the different degrees to study at the Varsities of his choice, as well as career options. Hubby and myself listened in on the Zoom consultation and found it SUPER helpful. At least our son now knows WHERE he can study WHAT and he was happy to suddenly see quite a few more avenues for his year after matric. He has already out-ruled a gap yr, so that really helped. The very next morning we received a summary of the list of varsities and possible degrees in our mails, as well as an offer to contact Janet when we are closer to crunch time.

I just had to share since I am sure we are NOT the only family in this boat.

Christa Durand
Thank you Janet for the time you spent researching careers with Dex. It has given the school subjects that seem irrelevant some purpose and opened up so many practical ideas for the future. A really really worthwhile exercise.
Michelle Watling​
My son spent a very constructive hour yesterday discovering what careers various degrees will open up to him. He feels that he has a much better idea of what to apply for now (couldn't decide between Law, IT, Business/Commerce and marketing). I highly recommend Janet Labberte - she's a headhunter with 25 years' experience so she knows what employers are looking for and the actual jobs that are available to those with certain degrees. She also loves working with kids (and has two sons of her own). Another service she offers is role-play preparation for interviews (gap-year stooging, international universities etc.) and CV prep.
career avenues ann elis brown
Anne Ellis Brown​
My Grade 12 son had a video session with Janet (we are based in Australia). Apart from an interest in Maths and Science he was unsure what he wanted to do. He had thought Medicine, then changed to Engineering but really wasn't sure. By the end of the session we had narrowed it down to a couple of options after which Janet sent him further info in the form of YouTube videos and links. He now has a clear idea of what he wants to pursue and is actively looking at the various universities offering the degree. We are very pleased he now has something to focus on and he is really quite excited about his options. Thank you so much for the input Janet!
Tammy Hosking Glass
My grade 11 son had an hour long meeting with Janet . He needed some perspective on what course, where and how. Janet had obviously prepared for this by sending him an email prior to their session with some questions for him to answer. The outcome for him was positive. He understands what degree one needs for specific professions or areas, how many different engineering options there are and what each one does, and where to study them. Also what the earning potential of these may be, and where there are still opportunities for young men and which areas are tough to enter. He definitely felt like he had learnt something and had greater clarity. He was given good notes by Jan! Well worth it.
Career Avenues Marcelle Hampshire
Marcelle Hampshire
We can highly recommend the services of Career Avenues. We recently emigrated from South Africa to the UK. This included moving our 16 year old daughter, Chloë, out of the South African schooling system (end Grade 9) and into the UK Sixth Form (A-levels) system. Janet was of invaluable assistance in helping Chloe’s interview skills. These skills are crucial in being accepted into your desired UK school. The admission process is rigorous including testing and interviews. Chloë’s interview skills were commended by a number of UK schools, including the school she finally chose, where the headmistress personally commented to us on how well Chloë had interviewed. This is in no small part due to Janet’s comprehensive training, planning and personalised guidance. In addition, Janet assisted Chloë in interpreting her aptitude tests and thereby deciding on career options, potential undergraduate university choices and, importantly, A-level subject choices. Given how different the UK school system is from that in South Africa, the work done by Career Avenues was extensive, informative and vital to Chloe’s successful transition to the UK. Janet opened up and explained many degree options and career choices and linked those clearly to Chloe’s school subject choices. Chloë found Janet’s input to be appropriately tailored and very personal to her as an individual. We highly recommend Career Avenues to any scholars who are considering their career, subject and school options or who need assistance with interview skills. Heart-felt thanks to Janet!
Paula Coutts-Trotter


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